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 News Release Distribution - Information & Rates

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We facilitate publicity by distributing your event news releases to all local print & online media within a 75-100 mile zip code radius of your event location. 


Local Media Distribution Includes:  

  1. Sunday, Daily & Weekly Newspapers (Editors, Entertainment Editors, Arts Editors, Journalists)

  2. TV & Radio Stations

  3. Local & Regional Magazines

  4. Local Journalists

News Release Details:

  • Your news release is individually distributed to all local print & online media within a 75 mile radius of your event location. We can increase the radius in rural areas (no extra charge). Our media database includes every media outlet in the USA.

  • News Release includes 250 Words, 2 Photos, Logo

  • We write your release from the information that you submit on the form – ready to go for editors. Proof provided.

  • Your news is distributed the next business day or the same day (after proof approval).

  • Event Information Not Ready? Place your order now to secure the discounts then submit your information anytime you are ready.

  • Editors require considerable lead time, so it is important to submit your events early.

  • “One well-placed press release can have a significant impact on your event attendance.”

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Rates are USD.

Multiple News Release Discounts: Pay for your multiple press releases now to receive the discount then submit your press releases when you are ready.


News Release Rates:  

Send Twice Option: Send the same press release two times: $59.00 more (each release). Send press release now and then again one about month before your event (same release, same media outlets).



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